Audit & Quality Control

Audit & Quality Control

Second party audit. Quality control on product manufacturing (on incoming materials, in process, on finished products).

SC Georom Inspect Consulting  performs audits in accordance with the requirements of ISO 19011.

During audits information are collected in a systematic manner to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a system and to identify opportunities for improvement.

Detailed audit reports are issued that identify, where appropriate, nonconformities and the need for corrective actions.

Audits may be performed in the following situations:

  • when a customer wants to make sure before ordering that the supplier has  proper infrastructure / technical capabilities /  systems and processes  to fulfill specific requirements or that quality / safety / environment international standards  are properly implemented and maintained ;
  • when a customer wants to ensure that the ordered product / process is executed in accordance with the requirements of applicable product specifications (API specifications, international standards / national customer specification)

SC Georom Inspect  Consulting can perform  quality control on reception / in process / final products   according to the requirements and acceptance criteria specified by its customer.

Quality control can be performed integral (for each piece) or as applicable sampling schemes (statistical control).

All the quality control activities are performed with our own equipment and personnel.

Adequate reports are issued to confirm the quality of the material / structure / system / facility controlled. Reports can be developed according to our own procedures or according to customer requirements.